Find A Conservator

How to Locate a Conservator

Vacuuming mold off of archival documents while wearing nitrile glovesThe Conservation Lab at the University of Florida Libraries cares for UF collection’s in order to support UF faculty, students and staff, as well as the University’s collaborators and constituents, to facilitate knowledge creation that contributes to UF’s standing as a preeminent public research university. As such, we are unable to undertake private work on outside materials. To find a conservator near you, or someone willing to travel to care for your items in need, we recommend the following resources:

Disaster Recovery

Rows of wet books drying on blotterIf your collections are at risk from a disaster, we recommend contacting the National Heritage Responders free hotline for advice from experienced conservators and allied professionals : (202) 661-8068. The National Heritage Responders also have a series of Tip Sheets for responding to disaster issues from Drying Wet Collections to Working with Recovery Vendors.

The Florida Department of State maintains lists of Disaster Recovery Services that may be of assistance in locating vendors.