Digital Projects Conservation

Conservation works closely with Digital Support Services (DSS) to digitize materials for the UF Digital Collections.  All Special Collection items being digitized come through Conservation first.  Items are transported to Conservation, inspected, sent to DSS to be imaged, and returned to Conservation after the materials are online for review before returning to Special Collections.

Our inspection work can span from looking at books in good condition and making sure it will make it through scanning to taking books apart that are being digitized as a preservation copy of the item.  

An important workflow in supporting large format material to be digitized.  Our Maps and Imagery Library and our Architecture collection are important for research and are challenging to see in person so getting these items online are of particular importance.  Many of these items have lived a long life rolled up and will require flattening.  They also, often, require various repairs for stability and image quality. Much of these materials are housed afterwards in bespoke boxes and/or inert polyester envelopes for stable storage.

Contact: Digital Projects Associate